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Kidz Que


Kidz Que Rules

1. There will be two age group distinctions:
a. Group 1: age 5 through age 10- will cook pork chop provided by the GAB.
b. Group 2: age 11 through age 15 - will cook steak provided by GAB.

1. Each entry will consist of only 1 entrant/cook.

2. Preparation, cooking and presentation: The child must do the preparation, cooking and presentation. Parents may help with fires and slicing or anything considered dangerous. If a child is unable to do all of the above on his own, he is too young to cook.

3. Handicapped children need not be eliminated from competition, but will be allowed to do as much as they are able with some help from an assigned person.

4. All children will cook in a designated area on grills provided by the GAB. Families with more than one child participating can cook on the same grill, if they choose.

5. A parent/guardian must be present with the child during the entire cooking process.

6. Entries will be submitted in numbered containers approved by the GAB.

7. Garnish (green leaf lettuce) will be provided by the GAB.

8. Slicing meat for presentation is not required. Judges will be equipped to slice the presentation at the judging table.

9. Judging will be based on APPEARANCE, TENDERNESS/TEXTURE and TASTE.

10. Judging scores range from nine (9) being the highest to one (1) being the lowest.

11. Kidz need to bring their own spices and cooking utensils

12. Special instructions:
Pork chop: The pork chop will be provided by the GAB and must be used in the competition.
Steak: The steak will be provided by the GAB and must be used in the competition.
Check in: Upon arrival, contestants must check in at the designated Kidz Que area.

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